Gateway B and Equality Act – summary hearing?

A quick note on an ongoing County Court case that raises some interesting questions. (As it is an ongoing case, all apparent statements of fact are as set out in the judgment and should be taken as being untested at trial). Leicester Housing Association Ltd v Armstrong. Leicester County Court 5 March 2013 [Not published […]

Policy, possession and proportionality

Denry Okpor v London Borough of Lewisham, Bromley County Court 25 October 2011 [Transcript not publicly available] This was a rolled up permission to appeal and appeal hearing (on which more later) for appeal to a Circuit Judge from a possession order made by a District Judge at Bromley. At issue was whether the District […]

Pinnock forthcoming…

It appears that the Supreme Court judgment in Manchester CC v Pinnock is due to be handed down on 3 November. Anticipation runs wild, particularly to see what the response, if any, is to Kay v UK.

Kay v UK – A royale quarterpounder?

Introduction Sorry for the delay in getting this post up, the delay is partly due to work but, more importantly, we’ve been arguing between ourselves as to how best to deal with it. Frankly, we can’t agree on what the case actually means and what the possible effects are. So we’ve done this as a […]