Ending flexible tenancies – a reminder

We don’t usually (indeed ever) repost previous material on NL. But I’m making an exception for this one, because I think it is timely. Flexible tenancies have been in existence for a while in some boroughs and I would expect that it is round about now that possession proceedings for a fault based grounds (rather […]

Elementary maths for LB Barnet

You will all recall that the Localism Act allowed Councils to grant flexible tenancies, at up to 80% of market rent. Now some councils have dipped their toes in the waters of flexible tenancies (here were my notes on one such policy), and this may well yet come back to haunt them (for possible reasons […]

A game of forfeits

The flexible tenancy, that marvellous and oxymoronic invention of the Localism Act, is now in place and in use by a number of Councils. The last time I considered flexible tenancies it was largely about how they were created and how they were terminated at the end of the fixed term (there was also this […]

‘Homeless Legislation – a thing of the past?’

[Update at the end of the post 15/11/2012] Now that the Guardian has the story, I feel able to quote a briefing paper by Andy Gale of the DCLG that had found its way to me. This is the briefing that Andy Gale has been giving to Council officers (not councillors, as far as I […]

NL on flexible tenancies – free CPD too!

We don’t usually do promotional stuff on the blog, but I thought we might make an exception in this case, because it involves free CPD and, well, me (and another from the NL team). I did a podcast for CPDCast on the introduction and operation of Flexible Tenancies through the Localism Act 2011. Thanks to […]

Barnet’s brave new dawn

And, like a sudden, startling and slightly embarrassing squeak from a vinyl sofa, flexible tenancies are here! London Borough of Barnet have announced, in a manner which suggests absolutely no political motivation behind the decision at all, the ‘end of the council tenancy for life‘, as of 9 July 2012. While no Council can offer […]

Grant Shapps on flexible tenancies and Pinnock

Grant Shapps has given A statement to Inside Housing on his view of the impact of Pinnock v Manchester and Powell v Hounslow on the plans for flexible tenancies. The short answer is not a lot. He points to the ‘exceptional case’ provision and the presumption of proportionality. He also argues that the review provisions […]