Co-ops again …

Often, I will read a judgment with which I disagree; but it is rare that I read one that I think is just plainly wrong.  The judgment of Hildyard J in  Southward Housing Co-Operative Ltd v Walker and Hay [2015] EWHC 1615 (Ch) falls in to the latter category, made all the more odd that it took […]

Until the Abbott be deposed: uncertain terms

Berrisford v Mexfield Housing Co-operative Ltd (Rev 1) [2011] UKSC 32 What happens to a lease for an uncertain term? Or a tenancy that ends on some specified event, whose date is not known and which may or may not happen? Can either the tenant or the landlord rely on the clauses in the tenancy […]

Mr Pickles is unlawful and other bits

Cala Homes (South) Ltd v Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government & Anor [2010] EWHC 2866 (Admin) found Eric Pickles, SoS at DCLG, acted unlawfully in scrapping the Regional Strategies for housing development, which also, lest we forget, included requirements for local authorities to identify and develop sites for travellers and gypsys. Mr […]

Co-ops, equity and void leases

Berrisford v Mexfield Housing Co-Operative Ltd [2010] EWCA Civ 811 We reported on the High Court appeal in this case here. By the time it reached the Court of Appeal it had turned into quite a different case altogether. At the High Court, Ms Berrisford was unrepresented and summary judgment was given against her on […]

I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!

Joseph v Nettleton Road Housing Co-Operative Ltd [2010] EWCA Civ 228 is a decision that was decided on its facts, but since it is the first example of a claim for judicial review against a housing co-operative, I took an interest. The facts are that Mr Joseph was a tenant of Nettleton Road Housing association. […]