Closure, possession and legal representation

Courtesy of Jim Shepherd of Doughty Street Chambers comes this account of a county court appeal of a Ground 7A possession claim, following a closure order. The appeal of the possession order was partly on the basis that the Defendant could not get legal aid in time. Goode v Paradigm Housing , October 2015 The […]

Dealing, closure and possession

Hammersmith and Fulham LBC v Forbes Willesden County Court 14 April 2011 While we are on County Court proceedings based on drugs and nuisance (see the previous post), this is a possession case following closure orders and allegations of dealing. Hat tip to ‘Recent Developments in Housing Law’ Legal Action June 2011 for the details. […]

Closure orders

There have been two recent cases on closure orders of passing interest. The first, less important case was reported in The Guardian’s Society pages. The hearing appears to have been an amusing event, attended by “a large group of sex workers and their maids”, at which the police officer giving evidence could give no direct […]