On the Naughty Step

Or an RSL behaving badly, again. And this time it’s personal… 21 Press House, Press Road LON/00AE/LSC/2007/0292 [pdf], an LVT decision. The landlord, Stadium Housing Association, were facing an application over hefty service charges made on an shorthold assured tenancy which was Part VII temporary accommodation for Brent Council. How did Stadium Housing decide to […]

Harvey v Bamforth – request for further information

Harvey v Bamforth, Sheffield County Court, Estates Gazette, 23 Aug, 2008, pg 22. The introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (“TDS”) was one of the more positive reforms to housing law in recent years. It has previously been discussed by NL here and here, by Housed here and here and by Landlord Law here, all […]

So what

Seven and a half years on, the Law Commission has now completed its work on the reform of housing law with the publication of its final report, Housing: Encouraging Responsible Letting. The Consultation Paper, on which this report is based, voted in favour of a scheme of enforced self-regulation, a scheme with some bite. That […]

Letting repossessed property

As a follow-up to the mortgage repossession post below, I’ve just spotted a sad story on Landlord Law blog. Tessa had a case in which private tenants discovered, when the bailiffs turned up, that the property they had just rented was subject to a mortgage repossession order which had expired before they even moved in. I […]

Deposit scheme mandatory award

Just a quick note to say that Housed has a report on a County Court judgment on a claim for failure to put deposit in scheme and notify tenant within 14 days. (Stankova v. Glassonbury 10th March 2008, Gloucester County Court. Initial report apparently via Consumer Action, no reference or link) Result – mandatory 3 […]

Hey, you asked…

For some of us internet old timers, who were on usenet before the WWW existed and were hand coding websites in the mid 1990s, it is still a surprise how people treat search engines as something to put a fully fledged question into. January has been a bumper month for searches arriving at this site […]

Tenants' Rights – The Book

I have finally laid my hands upon a copy of the new book by Tessa Shepperson, the maestro of Landlord law blog and old friend of this blog. The book has been out since early summer, so apologies to Tessa for my belatedness. Given this intro, I can hardly pretend to a fully objective review. […]

Waxed Moustaches

I caught someone from the National Citizens Advice Bureau on BBC Breakfast this morning, commenting on a CAB report on the large number of people in private rented properties in bad condition who are promptly evicted if they complain or do anything about the disrepair. Anecdotally, I’d certainly support this. We do hear from quite […]

But I hardly know you

Why do people do it? Why do they sign up for joint tenancies with private landlords together with people they have only just met? I’m sure it all seems terribly exciting, but what are you letting yourself in for with your shiny new shorthold assured tenancy? You and all the joint tenants are ‘jointly and […]