Letting agents hit by TDS?

A recent blog post on the PainSmith blog illustrates a potentially nasty trap for letting agents (and useful alternative target for tenants) in the tenancy deposit protection system of the Housing Act 2004. According to PainSmith a let-only agent received a deposit from the tenant and passed it on to the landlord who failed to […]

It's not a deposit, honest

With thanks to Christopher Stockdale at John Barkers of Grimsby, we have had news of another Shorthold Assured Tenancy deposit case, Piggott v Slaven, Great Grimsby County Court 23 February 2009. This one is of particular interest as the issue at stake was whether there was deposit at all, or just an advance payment of […]

Not another review …

Yes, it’s true, another review has been published, this time of the regulation and redress in the UK housing market. And yes, if you’re wondering, this was what the Law Commission did in their Issues paper on proportionate dispute resolution and further analysis. The author this time is Professor Colin Jones, whose biog does not […]

Deposits – the mandatory award again

As noted by Tessa at Landlord Law, the current (January 09) Legal Action housing updates includes a tenancy deposit case which further muddies the waters. Ferguson v Jones, Birmingham County Court 5 Nov 2008 concerned an assured shorthold tenancy. Ms Jones had paid a deposit of £500, which was not put into a scheme within […]

HMO licensing actually working?

Thanks to Tessa at landlordlaw for pointing me to this news snippet from Liverpool, in which the HMO licensing scheme is not only enforced, but the Local Authority aids the tenants, Following conviction of the landlords, Raymond Whalley, and Ray Whalley Ltd, in the Liverpool Magistrates Court for operating an HMO without a licence, with […]

Retaliatory Eviction Campaign

As many readers will know, Debbie Crew has been conducting a campaign about retaliatory evictions – typically in private tenancies where a tenant has complained about conditions in the property and got Environmental Health in, and the landlord promptly issues accelerated possession proceedings, to which there is no defence. I first mentioned it back here. […]

Deposits – another County Court decision

Tessa Shepperson at Landlord Law has a report from a landlord’s solicitor on another tenancy deposit case in the County Court, this time Bedford County Court. In short, the Court found that payment of the deposit and provision of the required information by the landlord prior to the issue of a claim (and, County Court […]

Trying to avoid Council Tax liability by not being a tenant

In what might be described as an audacious, or perhaps foolhardy, appeal from the Valuation Tribunal, Mr Jackson sought to challenge his liability to pay Council Tax in Jackson v Cambridge City Council [2008] EWHC 2529 (Admin). Normally, this wouldn’t concern us here, but Mr Jackson’s grounds of appeal bring the case inside the wobbly […]

Second time around

Truro Diocesan Board of Finance Ltd v Foley [2008] EWCA Civ 1162 In March 1987 Mr Foley became the tenant of a property owned by the predecessor in title of the Board. In 2000, the Board sought possession of the property. They contended that Mr Foley was a protected shorthold tenant (within the meaning of […]

On the Naughty Step

Very firmly esconsed on the step are Sutton Estates, managing agents on Merseyside. These charmers came up with the idea of putting notice boards outside the homes of tenants in rent arrears, proclaiming it to be the home of a ‘rent dodger’. Sutton Estates believe this to be an effective and reasonable way of getting […]