The assignment that wasn’t.

Haringey LBC v Theobald. Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court 7 April 2011 Hat tip to September’s Legal Action ‘Recent Developments in Housing Law’ for this County Court case, and Daniel Fitzpatrick at Hodge Jones & Allen. Not a very significant case but a good illustration of the unintended consequences of the ad hoc arrangements sometimes […]

Unreasonable refusal to assign

A case appearing on my radar, though one that may not excite many readers is Landlord Protect Limited v St Anselm Development Company Limited [2009] EWCA Civ 99. A case concerning whether a landlord has imposed an unreasonable condition for a consent to assign. The relevant covenant in the lease was as follows: …not to […]

Hey, you asked 2

More brief but hopefully helpful replies to the civil litigation and housing questions that brought searchers to Nearly Legal. As ever, nothing of what follows should be taken as legal advice and no action should be taken without obtaining full legal advice. what does mandatory possession mean It means that if the ground is successfully […]