All out of Proportion

We saw the case of McDonald v McDonald through the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court found that as between private parties, there was no right to a proportionality review of eviction under the Section 21 possession claim procedure. Now, in FJM v United Kingdom, App No 76202/16, 29 November 2018, the European […]

Safe European Home*

We noted J. L. v the United Kingdom here. Now there are two further English possession cases at the ‘questions to the parties’ stage of the European Court of Human Rights. Birch and Others v UK Application no. 26393/10 Birch arises out of possession proceedings brought by Bedfordshire DC on a property which had been […]

Lease without end?

Ferreira v Portugal App No 41696/07 (21/12/2010) [Link is to judgment in French, the only available version. Update 4/5/2011 – link now works. Can’t link properly to ECtHR site.] We’re indebted to Legal Action’s ‘Recent Developments in housing law’ for this one, not least because the European Court of Human Rights judgment is only available […]

Adverse Possession: Articles 1, 6 and freedom of speech?

Agnes Ofulue v the United Kingdom Application no. 52512/09 ECtHR This admissibility hearing was the culmination of a long, long story. We reported the Court of Appeal judgment and the House of Lords judgments. The very abbreviated history was that in 2005, the Ofulues had lost a possession claim for a property on the basis […]

Missing letters, Reviews and Determinations of Civil Rights

Tomlinson & Ors v Birmingham City Council [2010] UKSC 8 This is the Supreme Court judgment on the appeal from the Court of Appeal of what was then called Ali & Ibrahim v Birmingham City Council [2008] EWCA 1228 [our report here]. At issue was whether the Housing Act 1996 s.202 review and s.204 appeal […]

Homeless reviews and fact finding in the Supreme Court

We’ve been told that Ali & Ibrahim v Birmingham City Council (now Ali, Ibrahim and Tomlinson v BCC) was heard in the Supreme Court today, 23 November, and continues tomorrow. Our report on the Court of Appeal judgment ([2008] EWCA 1228) is here. The issue is whether Housing Act 1996 s.202 reviews are Article 6 […]

Article 6, outsourced reviews and bias.

The outsourcing of s.202 Housing Act 1996 reviews by local authorities to private, commercial bodies came under scrutiny in Charlotte Augustin v London Borough of Barnet, Central London County Court, 22 May 2009 (no report available online yet). There are a couple of Court of Appeal cases on the same issue coming up, so we […]

Gilboy redux

Gilboy, R (on the application of) v Liverpool City Council & Ors [2008] EWCA Civ 751 is the appeal from the Judical Revew decision noted in this previous post. The appeal, was by general consent, on one issue alone. Does the internal review procedure for reconsideration by local housing authorities of a decision to terminate […]

Control Orders and secret evidence

I was going to do a fairly long post on the House of Lords judgments in JJ and others, MB and AF, and E, but time went against me, and Head of Legal has some good posts on the issue, here, here and here. So I just want to note that in MB, the House […]