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Legal Aid. Not funny. At all.

Now we know that the Lord Chancellor’s vow to the Law Society that changes in non-criminal legal aid were postponed for a year only apply, post ‘clarification’, to Family, it is time for a serious look at the new contract for civil legal aid. First of all, remember that the tailored fixed fee for Legal […]

Better (too) late than never

After dipping its toe in the water of protest with a petition, as previously mentioned, the Law Society has finally decided that a campaign to defend legal aid might be in order. Only a year or several late, but I’d urge everyone to add their support, write to their MPs, via for easy access, […]

Over sensitive

Apologies to anyone who isn’t a comment spammer and found themselves blocked from the blog. I was trying out ‘Bad Behaviour’, which promised to block suspicious activity. It did. It also blocked me. It turned out that a zealous spam IP blacklist that the plug-in used had listed my then adsl dynamic IP address. I […]

Public Law 2.0

Nick Holmes has a very interesting post at Binary Law on the future of Law publishing in a world of social software. I’ve been wondering about similar things recently, both in general and in particular, following an examination of my server logs, and Nick Holmes’ post crystallised a few thoughts. I’m not going to go […]

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