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La Boheme

Amidst the boredom, misery and frustration of handling new inquiries, one way of sustaining interest is identifying the theme of the day. There usually is a theme, frequently repeated. Generally, the theme is a single capitalised word, Desperation, for instance, or Greed, or Incompetence. Today’s theme was more unusual, Italian Opera. Sex and Betrayal filled […]

Social landlords seek to avoid disrepair claims. No repairs involved.

Searching for something else entirely, I stumbled across a press release from the Social Housing Law Association detailing their representations to the DCA on funding for disrepair claims, made late last year. Headed “Move to repel tenants’ bogus disrepair claims”, the report says that the SHLA made representations to the DCA to have the Public […]

Au Rebours

The kindly Family Lore has tagged me with the latest blogger’s version of a chain letter, a meme tag. I vaguely recall seeing this one spreading amongst web designer blogs a couple of months ago and then it recently hit the law blogs like mutated bird flu. I am to reveal five things that you […]

Blawgs, hurgh, what are they good for?

Navel gazing (or meta blogging) on the future of the law blog seems to be the flavour of the moment in the USA, and on this side of the pond, human law and binary law have weighed in with some thoughtful views on the future of law blogs. With this in mind, together with geeklawyer’s […]

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