Illegal Eviction and Disrepair damages

There were a couple of cases mentioned in the June issue Legal Action that are worth a consideration when looking at quantum in illegal eviction cases, and also to some extent in disrepair cases. Legal Action has the full details, but in brief… Addison v Croft Preston County Court April 2008 Assured Shorthold tenant. Landlady […]

Hey, you asked…

For some of us internet old timers, who were on usenet before the WWW existed and were hand coding websites in the mid 1990s, it is still a surprise how people treat search engines as something to put a fully fledged question into. January has been a bumper month for searches arriving at this site […]

Not the usual bug infestation

Hat tip to for this extraordinary story from the Irish Times: Landladies ordered to pay students €115,000 in damages Simon Carswell 14 November 2007 Two Dublin landladies have been ordered to pay damages totalling more than €115,000 to 10 students who were tenants in their house after the Circuit Court found they had kept […]

Don't get too oppositional

Tessa Shepperson, in an introduction to a Q&A makes a sound point that I think those of us who spend much of their time opposing local authorities tend to forget, which is that the Local Council’s tenancy relation services, environmental or housing advice services can be effective in illegal eviction or harrassment cases for private […]

How not to be a landlord

From a recent case, a fairly textbook example of how not to go about things as a private landlord. The client was a shorthold assured tenant, with a years’ assured period and a monthly rent. Rent was paid by housing benefit, and the inevitable problems arose (not the client’s fault). The landlord firstly attempted to […]