Views on the Mortgage possession protocol

The Law Gazette this week has a couple of articles on the new mortgage repossession/money claim protocol. First is a clear and possibly optimistic outline of the requirements of the protocol from Christopher Atkinson. Well worth a read on the details and process. Second is a view from DJ Peter Jolly, of Portsmouth, on the […]

FSA's repo warning

The FSA has issued a warning letter to all mortgage lenders and mortgage administrators advising them to get their houses in order, so to speak, over possession actions and arrears management. This is in line with the rather underdeveloped (publicly at least), but important, FSA regulations on Treating Customers Fairly (which is more like a […]

Sad News

We are saddened to be told of the untimely death of Bob Lawrence. Some of us knew him, some of us knew of him, but hadn’t had the chance to meet him. As many readers of NL will know, Bob Lawrence was a special adviser at the DCLG and a driving force behind its recent […]

Darling's Keynesian splurge

And what is promised for housing? According to this DCLG press release, the following (with my comments in brackets): * Agreement with major lenders to wait at least three months before initiating repossession proceedings, in order to explore all other alternatives. The Government has also welcomed the commitment by lenders to look at all possible […]

Taking your time

Yorkshire Bank Finance Ltd v Mulhall & anor [2008] EWCA Civ 1156 How long does a creditor who has the benefit of a charging order have to enforce that charge? In particular, if a creditor allows more than 12 years to pass after securing the charging order, can the debtor apply to have it set […]

Mortgage possessions protocol

The Civil Justice Council has finally published the “Pre-action Protocol for Possession Claims based on Mortgage or Home Purchase Plan Arrears in in Respect of Residential Property” and have done so with an array of press releases (CJC here, HM Treasury here). It comes into effect on November 19. The PM heralded it at question […]

Mortgages, sale of property and human rights

Horsham Properties Group Ltd v (1) Paul Clark (2) Carol Beech and GMAC RFC Ltd (Third Party) and The Secretary of State for Justice (Intervener) [2008] EWHC 2327 (Ch) Now this is a complicated little case which, I suspect, will give rise to more questions (and litigation) than it answered. Mortgages: a very short introduction […]

Repossession – tips from a District Judge

On the back of tonight’s Panorama on the BBC about the impact of the mortgage/price housing market problems (available for the next week on iplayer), the Beeb has an interview with and tips from DJ Stephen Gould of Kingston-upon-Thames County Court. All sensible stuff for someone facing a repossession claim.

Letting repossessed property

As a follow-up to the mortgage repossession post below, I’ve just spotted a sad story on Landlord Law blog. Tessa had a case in which private tenants discovered, when the bailiffs turned up, that the property they had just rented was subject to a mortgage repossession order which had expired before they even moved in. I […]

Mortgage possessions – Gordon feels your pain

Mortgage repossessions are rising at the fastest rate since 1991. According to the MoJ quarterly figures [pdf]: Possession claims in the first quarter of 2008 were 38,688, 7% more than in the last quarter of 2007. The rise over the last year was 16%. 27,530 mortgage possession orders were made on a seasonally adjusted basis, 17% […]