Expensive choices

One of a couple of cases on intentional homelessness and affordability of accommodation. Noel & Anor v London Borough of Hillingdon (2103) CA (Civ Div) 21 November 2013 [Lawtel note, not on Bailii yet] [Update 11/12/13, now on bailii] N had applied to Hillingdon as homeless, following eviction from an assured short hold tenancy. Hillingdon […]

Get your excuses for your excuses in early

Poorsalehy v Wandsworth LBC (2013) QBD 07/11/2013 {note on Lawtel, not on Bailii yet] A cautionary tale, albeit one that was rather hard on Mr Poorsalehy. Mr P had applied to Wandsworth as homeless. His application was rejected by s.184 decision and the s.202 upheld the decision (I’ve no idea about the details). Mr P […]

I don’t want to go to… Lambeth

Can a refuge be a ‘residence of own choice’ for the purposes of Local Authority decisions about local connection in homeless applications? This is a rare Court of Appeal decision on the issue. In addition, can a Reg 8(2) ‘minded to’ letter requirement be triggered by events during the review and after a first ‘minded […]

Accept no substitutes

P v Ealing Borough Council (2013) CA Civ Div 05/11/2013 [Not on Bailii yet. Note on Lawtel] This was Ealing’s appeal from a s.204 appeal brought by Ms P. At the s.204 appeal, the Circuit Judge had varied Ealing’s review decision that Ms P was intentionally homeless and substituted a decision that she was unintentionally […]

Homelessness Appeals and Costs

This is a brief note on a recent High Court appeal dealing with the issue of costs on withdrawn s.204 appeals (Unichi v LB Southwark 16/10/13-from a Lawtel summary, not on Bailii). The Local Authority discharged its duty towards Ms U under s.193(6)(b) of the Housing Act 1996 after she had been evicted from her […]

Better Late than Never?

Peake v LB Hackney [not yet on Bailii] is another cautionary tale about the importance of lodging statutory homelessness appeals within the 21 day limit. Ms P was found intentionally homeless by the Council following the surrender of a tenancy of accommodation which she occupied with her family in Lewisham and her subsequent departure from her […]

Not pending this appeal

Zak Johnson v City of Westminster [2013] EWCA Civ 773 [Not on bailii yet, transcript on Lawtel] When bringing a second appeal to the Court of Appeal from a section 204 Housing Act 1996 appeal to the County Court, what is the applicant’s route to challenge a refusal by the local authority to provide accommodation […]

No more than a statistic

There have been a number of priority need cases in the Court of Appeal recently and Johnson v Solihull MBC, June 6, 2013, unreported [from a lawtel note] is another one. Mr Johnson was 37 years old. He was a heroin addict, suffered from depression and had spent many periods in custody since he was […]

Out of Area Placements

Shelter has recently issued its 2012 statistics of homeless households who were temporarily accommodated outside London. 31 London councils provided data, which have revealed that out of 11513 households, 120 (or 1%) were accommodated more than 20 miles from the capital. I think I can safely predict, given the imminent London-wide housing benefit cap, that […]

Too soon?

Unusually, this is a published Judicial Review permission decision. Further, Anthony Thornton QC J has ‘certified that this judgment may be cited and referred to in other cases or situations. This direction is made pursuant to paragraph 6.1 of the Practice Direction (Citation of Authorities) [2001] 1 WLR 1001, CA.’. Why will become clear. IA, […]