Article 14 in Hereford

A proper note to follow, but there has been a significant First Tier Tribunal appeal in a bedroom tax related case in Hereford. The decision is here (and also on the FTT decision page in the menu above). This is an LHA decision, not on the bedroom tax. While the provision considered is effectively the […]

The (absence of) reasons in Redcar

You may well have seen or heard press stories on a First Tier tribunal bedroom tax appeal decision in Redcar and Cleveland. There has been a lot of excitable comment about it representing a ‘landmark appeal‘ and ‘hope for 440,000 disabled’. Even the tenant’s landlord, who supported her, described it as ‘fantastic news’ which “which […]

Bedroom tax FTT page

As reports of FTT bedroom tax decisions are coming in thick and fast, I’ve set up a page with a list to keep them in one place. It includes press reports where no decision is available. Significant decisions where a written decision is available will continue to get write-ups on the blog, but the page […]

Ye’ll tak’ the high road*

As First Tier Tribunal bedroom tax decisions go, this one is a corker. Glasgow FTT has decided that the Regulations as applied to a severely disabled woman who could not share a bedroom with her partner amounted to an unjustified breach of Article 14, read with Article 1 Protocol 1. The decision is here. I […]

And another one…

Another bedroom tax judicial review has just been issued. CPAG are acting in a judicial review by Paul and Susan Rutherford. Their grandson, Warren, suffers from grave cognitive and physical disabilities and requires 24 hour care by at least two people at all times. His grandparents, who both suffer from disabilities themselves, struggle to look after him […]

Westminster clear up

There has been a lot of excitement about the Westminster FTT bedroom tax appeal by Mr Surinder Lall (eg Guardian, CAB). As I mentioned in my last post on the FTT bedroom tax decisions, it was hard to tell what had happened by looking at the decision itself and the press reports. Some, like the […]

Changing rooms

Or Britain’s vanishing bedrooms. [As I was writing this, the DWP announced it was to appeal the two (actually 3) Fife decisions that relied on room size. Details below] The bedroom tax First Tier Tribunal decisions are coming in now. And they are intriguing. In some ways, not a surprise, in others somewhat opaque. As […]

Bedroom Tax. Five Fife decisions

Just a quick note to mention that Inside Housing has a summary of the five Fife bedroom tax First Tier Tribunal decisions (and try saying that quickly), together with copies of the Tribunal judgments (at the bottom of the article). A full post here will follow shortly, but they do make interesting reading, not least […]

On disappearing bedrooms

This is a rather speculative post, but things have become interesting on the bedroom tax. We reported on one Fife First Tier Tribunal here. There have been another four decisions by the same Tribunal, of which three apparently also resulted in findings that rooms designated by the landlord, Fife Council, as bedrooms, were not capable […]

Of bedrooms that aren’t

Here is a First Tier Tribunal decision on a bedroom tax appeal that overturns the landlord’s assertions on bedroom numbers. It is a Scottish case, but nothing turns on that. I’m grateful to Joe Halewood for bringing this to light (though we differ on its significance). While the decision is very much on the unusual […]