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Assured Shorthold tenancy

Renters (Reform) Bill – overview Part 2

Following on from yesterday (17 May) publication of the Renters (Reform) Bill and Part 1 of my overview of what the Bill does, onwards to the rest of it... Pets! There has been a lot of fuss about this, but as Tessa Shepperson has sagely observed, it doesn't...

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Renters (Reform) Bill – the good, the potentially good and the ugly. Part 1

It is finally here, a mere five years from first being promised. The Renters (Reform) Bill has started its parliamentary journey today (17 May). As it stands, it is the largest reform to tenancies in England since 1988 (Wales having done its own, even more...

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The whirligig of time

A happy new year to all. I was going to do a new year video, as per the last two years, but as rain lashes the windows and the daylight disappeared about 2 pm, the level of faff involved was beyond me. This seems a fitting way to end 2022... After three...

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