Transfers and allocations

In Babakandi v Westminster CC [2011] EWHC 1756 (Admin), Mr Babakandi made a bold challenge to Westminster's allocation scheme (bold, as in post-Ahmad v Newham LBC) together with other grounds.  Westminster now has a choice-based lettings scheme...

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Allocations: Overwriting the effective date

One of the key things that choice-based lettings is designed to achieve is openness and transparency in housing allocation (or lettings, if you prefer).  It does so mostly by using a relatively crude mechanism of determining priorities in and...

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Allocations: A whiff of reform

And now for a housing-related post ... Anybody reading the Sunday Times will have seen Grant Schapps talking about an allocations Consultation Paper that CLG are preparing.  Apparently, this will propose giving local authorities the power to set up...

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