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Obvious filler

I ought to be drafting a brief to Counsel that is needed tomorrow, and I will, I will, but as a distraction activity, it is time for the fall back post of every lazy blogger – a trawl through the search engine keyphrases log. Genuine search click throughs all. So, nearly legal answers your questions… […]

Art and copyright 2

Following on from this post, which suggested a strong incompatibility between contemporary art practices and copyright law in terms of the potential failure of copyright to cover some contemporary art, I’d like to take a quick look at the reverse – how contemporary art approaches copyright. This should be a shorter post, because the brief […]

All the advice you need for a quid.

And just in case one wasn’t depressed enough about legal aid… Yikes. I’d missed this in the Observer, as I was out of the country. Thanks to Tessa Shepperson again for picking it up and for her considered post. I share her misgivings about the reported referral rate of the Community Legal Service phone line. […]

Nonsense, m'Lud

While on the topic of legal aid funding, Terminological Inexactitude has a short and blunt judgement on Carter in which I can only concur.

Coming soon. Art and copyright 2

For anyone who gives the demotic simian’s whatever, part 2 will be along in a while, possibly next weekend. As might reflections on some strange effects of homelessness law and a couple of very sub John Mortimer anecdotes on Counsel. Sorry. I’ve been extremely busy, but there is light somewhere ahead. In the meantime, has […]

This week I'm mostly not happy because…

trial bundles = last train home, repeatedly. Roll on digital documents. A quick PDF merge and auto index would spare a lot of time. It is at points like this I find myself thinking that surely there is a junior available to do this donkey work, until I recall that I am that junior. Damn. […]

In the red corner, art, in the blue corner, copyright.

For reasons unconnected with work, I have been taking a stroll through IP law lately, particularly copyright. As I mentioned before, my previous career was art related and, although I knew something of the history of copyright, I have been struck by what seems to be a fundamental incompatibility between contemporary art practices and copyright […]

Anonymity, the confessional and, um, me.

[edited 19 Aug] A disclaimer – Friday evening, wine etc. One of the odd revenges of old media against the upstarts appears to be the revelation of the real person behind the anonymous or pseudonymous blog. This blog is the latest victim of the dramatic expose. There is, of course, a huge amount of hypocrisy […]

Of urban CLANS

Interesting whispers are circulating about the planned direction for civil legal aid funding, previously discussed here. The initial plan for Community Legal Networks, or CLANS, was that these would be supported for rural areas and advice deserts. Firms could associate so that specialist provision could be shared over a wider geographic area. I still think […]

We apologise for the technical problems

Oh dear, oh dear. All it takes is for me to go away for few days (very pleasant, thank you for asking) and a corrupt mysql table makes the impressive edifice that is Nearly Legal collapse into a non-functional mess. It has taken a little while to restore it. No, I didn’t have backups, so […]