Costs in the LVT

The case of Christoforou and others v Standard Apartments Ltd [2013] UKUT 586 (LC) is now rather less important than it would have been, say, 3 years ago, but is still worthy of note. Mr Christoforou was the leaseholder of a flat in a building of which the freehold was owned by Standard Apartments. In […]

Putting it off

Before I come to the facts of Scriven and others v Calthorpe Estates [2013] UKUT 469 (LC), I need, I think, to give a fair bit of background. Even by the comprehensive standards of NL, this is pretty obscure. Estate Management Schemes Estate management schemes are, as Francis has previously explained, a (relatively rare) kind […]

Late to the party

MacGregor v B M Samuels Finance Group Ltd [2013] UKUT 471 (LC) was, I’m afraid, handed down over two months ago. Such is the state of the NL backlog that I’m only getting to it now. Sorry about that. As those of you who could not wait must have already realised, there has already been […]

A sign of things to come?

In the December edition of Legal Action, I noticed a decision from November 2012 (yes, 2012), called Miah v McGrogan [2012] EWCA Civ 1685 (Casetrack only). Mr Miah seems to have been the landlord of a house which had been let to a number of students. They complained about the condition of the property and, […]

Nowhere to go and nothing to do with my time

There are two things in life I really, really enjoy. The first is listening to Queen/Freddie Mercury. The second is leasehold property disputes. I am doing the first whilst writing about the second. The case of Burchell v Raj Properties Ltd [2013] UKUT 433 (LC) is a notty little case. Mr Burchell was the leaseholder […]

Meanwhile, back in Parliament

There was a short (and not particularly well-informed) debate in Westminster Hall yesterday about leasehold property management. Quite amusingly, Nick Boles MP (Under-Secretary of State at CLG) had this to say about the Right to Manage: Nick Boles:… I want briefly to address the right-to-manage legislation. I must admit that this is the first time […]

Wrong to RTB

I see that the Master of the Rolls has just issued a practice direction in respect of (what appears to be) many tens (if not hundreds?) of negligence claims arising out of RTB sales (see here). Reading between the lines, a firm called Tandem Law (see here) appear to have brought lots of claims for […]

Sleepwalking into error

I’ve posted before about the vexed issue of s.81, Housing Act 1996 and default judgments (see here for the most recent county court case; note also the comments to that post which explain that Woodfall has changed its mind). Well, we now have another (minor) comment on the issue from Lord Justice Kitchin in Faizi […]

Who’d be a judge?

I’ve just been reading Ahmed and others v Mahmood and others [2013] EWHC 3176 (QB) (Lawtel only I think) and I’m totally confused. If anyone who was in the case can help, I’d be very grateful. The defendants lived in a property owned by the claimants. The claimants issued a claim for possession. The defendants […]

Licenced to ill(founded)

Readers might be interested to know that the ECHR has held that the complaint by Mr Pinnock (of Manchester CC v Pinnock fame) is inadmissible as manifestly ill-founded under art.35 (see here). You’ll recall that the Supreme Court decided the issue of proportionality for itself and made a possession order against Mr Pinnock. Mr Pinnock […]