The Gas Man Cometh

The case of Ferguson v British Gas [2009] EWCA Civ 46 concerns a complaint that British Gas harassed a former customer for some 6 months after she had transferred her gas supply to nPower. Although it is not a housing case, the report contains some useful discussion of the nature of harassment by a large corporate body […]

Family Intervention Tenancies

From 5th January 2009 — in England at least — we will all be faced with a new beast the “Family Intervention Tenancy”, previously alluded to by my colleague J. Since the last significant piece of the legal jigsaw was completed when the rules for local authority review of notices to quit has just been […]

Accepting "part" of a cheque without waiving forfeiture

Osibanjo v Seahive Investments Limited [2008] EWCA Civ 1282 (Court of Appeal) Are there circumstances in which a landlord can accept only part of a cheque offered by a tenant and thereby avoid waiving its right to forfeit? It would appear that there are, according to the Court of Appeal in this case which raises […]

Stadium Housing to Appeal

Regular readers of this blog will have read our comments on (in our view) a fairly poor example of service charge management by an RSL, entitled On the Naughty Step. To my surprise the RSL in question — Stadium Housing — have decided to appeal the decision. This should prove interesting as they appear (so […]

Hey! That's my window.

Sheffield City Council v Hazel St Clare Oliver LRX/146/2007 [links to PDF] This is a case which touches on an issue familiar to those involved with right to buy leases: replacement of windows by the landlord. The landlord council wished to replace metal framed windows with new uPVC in the leaseholder’s block. The terms of […]