Any answers?

The April edition of Legal Action brings news that Hurst v UK has settled. As will be seen from the ECtHR’s Statement of Facts and Questions to the Parties Hurst involved a secure tenant who murdered a neighbour, the applicant’s son, during the course of possession proceedings. Ms Hurst brought proceedings in the domestic courts, […]

Don’t squash my musical ambitions, dude

Just for a little bit of Friday fun, I bring you the news that friend of the blog Mike Weatherley MP has apparently joined forces with a well known chain of coffee houses to create a competition called ‘Rock The House’. The competition is aimed at unsigned bands and one of the prizes will be […]

Glad To See Y’Back Again?

Gladysheva v Russia (App. No. 7097/10) Courtesy of the always excellent ECHR blog, comes an interesting Strasbourg decision, particularly in relation to the question of just satisfaction. It has, regrettably, taken me ages to write this up. Any students who have had to write essays about it in the meantime clearly have sadistic tutors. The […]

You’re ‘avin’ a giraffe

Francis v LB Southwark [2011] EWCA Civ 1418 This was a brave attempt to try and get something out a local authority’s mistaken denial of a right to buy application, but it was not one which the Court of Appeal had any truck with. Mr Francis was a tenant of the London Borough of Southwark. […]

Pass me down the wine

The number of letters published in The Guardian on the topic of the law on squatting has now reached two and can therefore be fairly described as an “exchange”. We have already noted Mike Weatherley MP’s letter to The Guardian and I urge you all to read that post. It is a sensitive, sensible, passionate […]

That’s not the way to do it

Zolotareva v Russia (App. No. 15003/04) With a hat-tip to the Garden Court bulletin, here is a decision of the European Court of Human Rights on the enforcement of an eviction. Ms Zolotareva lived in a municipally owned flat with her son, ex-daughter-in-law and grandchild. She thought that could no longer all live together (I […]

Cleaning Up

You may recall, almost two years ago now, we reported on the case of Defence Estates v L [2009] EWHC 1049 (Admin), under the title “Something of a mess”. The title was a reference to a comment of Collins J during the course of discussions after his judgment that three House of Lords’ decisions (Qazi, […]

You win some, you lose some

Oxford City Council v Bull [2011] EWCA Civ 609 In which the Court of Appeal had to consider whether the homeless applicant had made himself intentionally homeless and whether he was in priority need. Mr Bull separated from his wife in June 2009 and left the home, where she was a secure tenant of the […]


Without further ado, a hodge-podge of Equality and Human Rights updates. Firstly, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Justice have finally launched the long expected Commission on a UK Bill of Rights. The Commission comprises a number of human rights and constitutional law experts and, er, some people who are presumably […]

You gotta have an opinion

Hounslow v Powell; Leeds v Hall; Birmingham v Frisby [2011] UKSC 8 [This is probably a work in progress. There may be further additions and comments as people get a chance/have a brainwave. We’ve also ended up writing this as something of a tag team. Chief did most of it and starts us off.] Sometime […]