Tweets from rented rooms

A series of tweets gathered under the hashtag #LDNlandlord today (Thursday 15 May) offered an insight (if one were needed) into the state of the London private rental market. For the housing lawyer, it was also a opportunity to play claim/offence bingo.

So, under disrepair…

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Deposit received, one way or another

There are still some questions to be cleared up on tenancy deposit law and this Court of Appeal case neatly deals with one of them, while opening up what might be a very large can of worms.

Superstrike Ltd v Rodrigues [2013] EWCA Civ 669

Where a deposit was taken on an assured shorthold tenancy before April 2007, when the Housing Act 2004 provisions came into force, but the tenancy became a statutory periodic tenancy after April 2007, does the deposit fall to be dealt with under the Housing Act 2004 requirements and do the penalties for non compliance apply?

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A Further Deposit From the Court of Appeal

Johnson & Ors v Old [2013] EWCA Civ 415

The Court of Appeal has been turning its mind to another of the odd questions that has sprung from the fertile litigious bosom of tenancy deposit protection. In this case the argument was over the question of rent payable in advance.

The Law and The Problem
In s212(8), Housing Act 2004 there is a definition of a deposit as follows:

“tenancy deposit”, in relation to a shorthold tenancy, means any money intended to be held (by the landlord or otherwise) as security for—
(a)the performance of any obligations of the tenant, or
(b)the discharge of any liability of his,
arising under

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Deposit scheme – a new wheeze


So, I gave a talk on the deposit scheme post Localism Act on Tuesday morning, then surface to immediately find word of a new wheeze being tried by landlords. Just how quickly can one become outdated?

The Housing Act 2004 as amended by the Localism Act 2011 and in force from 6 April 2012 appears to say that if a deposit has not been protected within 30 days (or by 7 May 2012 for deposits taken before 6 April 2012), then no section 21 notice may be served unless the deposit (with agreed deductions) has been returned to the tenant or dealt with in s.214 proceedings by court order.… Read the full post

Informing Deposits

Ayannuga v Swindells (2012) CA (Civ) 6 November 2012. On Lawtel but not on BAILII yet.

The Court of Appeal has recently ruled on a tenancy deposit protection case regarding the issue of prescribed information. Here T had paid a deposit and L had protected it in one of the approved schemes but he had not given the prescribed information as required by the Housing (Tenancy Deposits)(Prescribed Information) Order 2007. T allegedly fell into rent arrears and L sought possession. T counter-claimed on the basis of lack of compliance with the Prescribed Information Order. L admitted non-compliance with the Order but argued that the requirement was largely procedural, that … Read the full post

The Deposit Alignment

Johnson v Old, Brighton County Court

We have not yet written about this case even though the first instance decision was reported in Legal Action. As it turns out this has been useful as the original decision, as written up in Legal Action has been set aside on appeal to a circuit judge. While this might appear to be a stunning example of perspicacity it is actually complete luck caused by pressure of work.

In summary the case is one relating to tenancy deposit protection. The definition of a tenancy deposit is given in s212 of the Housing Act 2004 as:

any money intended to be held (by the

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A couple of dates and some information short of a s.21 notice

This is a failed possession and tenancy deposit case now of largely historic interest, though the principles still largely hold true. There is also an interesting point on the period of the tenancy – contractual date v rent date. Our thanks to Legal Action’s ‘Recent Developments in Housing Law’ , Edwards Duthie and Liz Davies for the case.

Lappin v Surace Romford County Court 13 June 2012

Ms Surace was the assured shorthold tenant of Mr Lappin on a 12 month term to 19 April 2010. On the same day – 20 April 2009 – that the tenancy was granted. Mr L served a section 21 notice. Ms Surace paid … Read the full post

Tenancy deposit penalties awarded!

There are two appeals on cases involving claims for the return of deposits and the three times penalty in both of which – astonishingly, given the recent history of High Court and Court of Appeal decisions – the tenant was awarded the penalty. We have said before that it would now be a somewhat incompetent landlord who would be caught by a claim. You can draw your own conclusions from the facts of these cases. The way in which Hashemi is distinguished in the first of these cases is interesting, but perhaps unlikely to be of general application

First, in the High Court:
Suurpere v Nice & Anor [2011] EWHC … Read the full post