Go West

A short note to pass on some exciting news for West Country readers: if you were unaware (as I was until my very wonderful Head slapped the press release on my desk), the Administrative court starts in Bristol in the w/c 5th November 2012.  I heard that there were “ICT issues” some time ago which prevented the Admin court opening in Bristol and it’s great news for those of us with a regional access to justice chip on their shoulder.  There is to be an opening ceremony on the 6th at the Bristol Civil Justice Centre at 10am, followed by a reception.  If you want to go to that, you are asked to let Rebecca Logar know (02920 376460; administrativecourtoffice.cardiff@hmcts.x.gsi.gov.uk) – I might even see you there if I get remission for bad behaviour from the day job.

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