Oh what a tangled web…

[Edit. This was originally posted on Friday evening 16/11/07. Not that I’m getting all conspiratorial but it disappeared in the great site downtime and server change… There was also originally an image, which has vanished from the server and apparently was deleted (by me) on my home machine. So, albeit imageless, I defy the internet […]

Rumours of my demise…

… were entirely due to a technical hitch. Admittedly a walloping great big technical hitch which lasted 3 days and was only resolved by the site being moved a new server and the Domain Name Server records being updated. But as of 11.30 pm on Monday, the site is working again. What time you get […]

Legislation Search and RSS feeds

Thanks to Binary Law for the news that the OPSI Legislation search now comes with an RSS feed on searches for easy updates. Unfortunately, having spent an evening wrestling with it, I’d damned if I can get specific search feeds to display on this blog. The feeds either aren’t recognised by the WordPress plugins I’m […]

Simply the Best

I don’t do memes. In fact I am something of a Darwinian nightmare environment for memes, they land in this blog and, right there and then, reproduction ends. This might suggest why I’m not doing family law. However, having been kindly been tagged by both Charon QC and Binary Law with the ‘your current 10 […]

We few(er)…

I was running through my blawg roll (on the right) earlier and realised I’d have to have a bit of a prune. Anything with no posts since May goes out, I thought. Blimey, a few surprises there. I’d put some silences down to it (technically) being summer, but it seems that there has been a […]


Corporate Blawg’s Blawg Review is up. I believe the word that I am groping for is “awe”, possibly “shock” as well, but definitely mostly awe. [For anyone bewildered by the title of this post, enlightenment may be found here]

UK 'surprisingly interesting' shock

There I was, coasting along in a post-blawg review smugness, when this post on Appellate Law & Practice popped up as an inbound link: There is a Blawg Review going on at Nearly Legal. The guy is a Brit, but he says a lot of interesting things about criminal procedure and enforcement of judgments in […]

Blawg Review #115

Welcome to Nearly Legal. I’m delighted to be hosting Blawg Review for my first time and in the UK for the second time. What follows is the best of recent Law blog posts, as heavily filtered through the pre-occupations of an english, publicly-funded civil litigator. Readers from outside the UK may have noticed that we’ve […]

Submit to me…

Nearly Legal is hosting Blawg Review #115, due out this coming Monday 2 July. The Blawg Review is a weekly travelling round up of the best of the recent blawg posts (or whatever has caught the eye of the host). Anybody who would like to recommed a blawg post, of their own or by someone […]

England expects..?

A while ago, I put myself down to write one of the weekly Blawg Reviews, as did Corporate Blawg. I thought no more about it. The Blawg Review is largely US based, that being where there are most Law blogs. What hadn’t occurred to me was that between us, Corporate and I had effectively kidnapped […]