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Kafka didn't do dialogue

But I am very impressed that Brian Barder, the ex-SIAC lay member who resigned on principle does. Mr Barder commented on my post via the trackback at his blog. I’ve posted a comment in response, but I’d like to post his comment and my response here, for two reasons. Firstly, because I still find it […]


Ah yes, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission. Lest we forget, this is the tribunal which hears evidence that is so secret that the Defendant isn’t allowed to know what it is, and in which there is no need for the Defendant to actually be charged with anything. Because there are no charges, there is, naturally, […]

Liberty on the barricades

Jonathon Freedland has an eminently sensible opinion piece in the Guardian on why legal aid matters and where Carter is a disaster. The article is clear and impassioned, but also sadly true in suggesting that this is unlikely to be an issue that leads to the barricades springing up on the boulevards. Delacroix’s Liberty, leading […]

Mea Culpa, but not wholly.

Ok, so I’ve had to make an embarrasing addition to this post on the 5 year grace period for pay and holiday bonuses under the age discrimination regs. Pure laziness. No excuse (except I was knackered, overworked, blogging on a combination of wine and tannin and nobody else actually referenced the paragraph). Also ‘loyalty’ is […]

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