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Irony in passing.

I know I shouldn’t, but working on the litigator’s instinct of putting the boot in, here is a quote from the ‘CEO’ of Netrank, taken from this Guardian article: John Straw, chief executive of online brand positioning company Netrank, says it advises its clients to deal quickly with customer complaints that have become the source […]

A dialogue (of sorts) with Netrank.

I have an email from Ellie Precious. On the plus side, that is a response within 36 hours of my original post. Not bad as a damage limitation reaction time. On the minus side, it was an email, not posted as a response to the post, which shows a continued level of not really getting […]

Eleanor Precious doesn't really like me.

Today I got an email from Eleanor (or Ellie) Precious, which enclosed a press release on a survey of law firms’ views on the likely effects of Age Discrimination law on their firms. I’m not going to link to it here, for reasons that will become obvious, but the firm that undertook the survey was […]

Sometimes I’m not a nice person.

Nobody sets aside my default judgements. Oh and costs as well? Thank you. If you ever imagine Nearly Legal as a person, then imagine that homunculous dancing a little dance of triumphant joy, whilst repeatedly slapping the humiliated opponent with an unanswerable witness statement.

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