Allocations Code: Draft Amendments

Although there appears to be a ministerial vacancy for housing policy (–11 h/t to Martin Partington and Jules Birch), quite a lot is happening. There are some interesting goings on about the allocation of social housing.  In a consultation paper (responses by 22nd November 2013 to, Providing social housing for local people, DCLG are suggesting upping the […]

Allocations: where have all the claims gone?

Allocations under Pt.6, 1996 Act. A big topic. A sexy topic. A true behemoth of a topic. And, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me, a topic that isn’t giving us very many cases these days. Which is odd, given the ever-growing tendency by local authorities to only allocate housing to people who are […]

Tories to regulate private rented sector? Don’t get excited…

The detail of this may have passed you by at the time, it certainly did me, but amongst the wind and posturing of David Cameron’s ‘big speech’ in March on stopping immigrants from getting things from healthcare to driving licences was quite a significant snippet on the private rental sector. You have probably already registered […]

‘Homeless Legislation – a thing of the past?’

[Update at the end of the post 15/11/2012] Now that the Guardian has the story, I feel able to quote a briefing paper by Andy Gale of the DCLG that had found its way to me. This is the briefing that Andy Gale has been giving to Council officers (not councillors, as far as I […]

Let’s all move to … Wales

This is another one of our irregular posts on our theme of happenings in Wales; this time with an apology because it’s all rather later than I had hoped and SO much is going on in Cardiff that they must be in a state of permanent combustion.  Following on from the Welsh Government’s magnificent White […]

Barnet’s brave new dawn

And, like a sudden, startling and slightly embarrassing squeak from a vinyl sofa, flexible tenancies are here! London Borough of Barnet have announced, in a manner which suggests absolutely no political motivation behind the decision at all, the ‘end of the council tenancy for life‘, as of 9 July 2012. While no Council can offer […]

Deckchairs/Titanic: New Allocations Code

The new allocation code of guidance was published by DCLG today – it had been trailed a little and the smiling face of Grant Shapps appears in a Murdoch rag today (he tweeted the story this morning).  There are some interesting snippets in it but, in truth, without detailed micro-examination in a specific case/local authority, […]

Housing and Human Rights Round-up Part II

Three more housing-related cases have been decided recently by the ECHR: Bjedov v Croatia (29/5/12) Mrs Bjedov was granted a joint tenancy of a ‘specially protected’ flat in Zadar, Croatia in 1975 and she became the sole tenant after the death of her husband in 1994. Since 1991, Mrs B had been living with her […]

Auto-bids and Lettings Choice

The Administrative Court has recently given judgement in the conjoined applications of Rouse Tout a Tout  and Heff v LB Haringey, which concern the lawfulness of the auto-bid system operated by LB Haringey in the allocation of their permanent accommodation. Both Claimants were accepted as homeless several years ago and were waiting in temporary accommodation for […]

“Tenting on the Old Camp Ground”

Babenko v Ukraine Appn No 68726/10 of 4/1/12 is an ECHR Chamber decision which looks at the relationship between an applicant’s right to social housing from the state and Art 1 of the ECHR First Protocol. The Applicant was a WWII veteran who registered in 2004 for social housing with the local housing executive. By 2007 […]