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Disrepair: La luta continua!

2013 was a difficult year for claimant disrepair. Changes in legal aid funding have made it all but impossible to pursue a disrepair claim under legal aid alone, as funding is only available for an order to carry out repairs to where there is serious risk to health or well being of the tenant or other occupiers, and not for further repairs or the damages claim (although full funding remains for a counterclaim to a possession claim, which can be brought after the possession order).

For those carrying out disrepair claims under Conditional Fee Agreements, success fees ceased being recoverable from the Defendant, as did ATE premiums, but, despite … Read the full post

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Disrepair – counterclaims after possession order.

Here is an interesting prospect* (and a big tug of forelock to Beatrice Prevatt at Garden Court for the initial suggestion).  Can a counterclaim for disrepair be brought after a possession order is made?

Conventionally, we’ve thought that a counterclaim would have to be raised before a possession order, or the complex and fraught option of applying to set aside the possession order would have to be followed, even assuming there was actually any basis for such an application. But there appears to be a solid argument based on Court of Appeal precedent to suggest otherwise.

Rahman v Sterling Credit Ltd [2001] 1 WLR 496 [Read the full post

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Let’s all talk about Wales

We don’t often publicise events here, but given that this one involves at least couple of the NL team, we are damn well going to.

Housing Law:
The Welsh Devolution Effect
1st May 2014

Cardiff Law School, Museum Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3AX


A one day conference run by the University of Bristol Law School, Anthony Gold, and Arden Chambers examining the two major housing Bills in Wales, the Housing (Wales) Bill and the Renting Homes (Wales) Bill.

The Welsh Government is carrying through a substantial legislative programme reforming all aspects of housing and tenancy rights and responsibilities. These significant changes will ultimately lead to an effective separation of Wales … Read the full post

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Child’s rooms and odd rooms

I’ve added a couple of new bedroom tax First Tier Tribunal decisions to the FTT page.

There is a Newcastle decision (Reasons here. Known as the Isos decision after the landlord who supported the appeal) which is a separated family decision. The appellant’s son stayed some 4 nights a week with him, but the mother was the one in receipt of child benefit. The Tribunal decided, despite the Council pointing out that the guidance they had received was that only the parent with child benefit should be the one not to face the bedroom tax, that the bedroom was clearly the son’s bedroom and that the appellant’s … Read the full post

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A game of forfeits

The flexible tenancy, that marvellous and oxymoronic invention of the Localism Act, is now in place and in use by a number of Councils. The last time I considered flexible tenancies it was largely about how they were created and how they were terminated at the end of the fixed term (there was also this CPDCast. Which may or may not still be free).

Now, given that they exist, and given that people will do things like get into arrears or cause a bit of a nuisance, before the end of their fixed term, it is time to have a look at how flexible tenancies can be ended during … Read the full post

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Room use and Uratemp

A successful FTT bedroom tax appeal in Birkenhead has raised some new questions over ‘room use’ as an argument. The decision notice is here (HT Speyejoe).

The appellant had moved into the ’3 bedroom’ property on marriage. He and his wife had lived there. A second room was used as a bedroom for her daughters when they stayed over. the third room, 7’8″ by 9’5″, was always considered too small to be a bedroom and used as a storeroom. On the death of his wife, the appellant moved the bed out of the second room. he then later used it as a gym, following developing disability issues. It occasionally … Read the full post

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