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The UT Repays Again

Fallon v Wilson & Ors [2014] UKUT 0300 (LC)

The Upper Tribunal has again found itself considering the issue of Rent Repayment Orders and has provided some further enlightenment on its position after the case of Parker v Waller (which we wrote about here).

Mr Fallon had been convicted of operating a property without an HMO licence and fined a, very modest, £585 with assorted costs and a contribution to the victims fund. Three of his five occupiers then made separate applications to the FTT(PC) (or “futpuc” if you prefer NL’s pronunciation) for RROs and the FTT then made an award to each applicant for 100% of the … Read the full post

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Make do and mend: Undoing Superstrike on deposits

The Govt has published the text of the Government amendment to the Deregulation Bill that is proposed to deal with tenancy deposits and specifically the Superstrike position of a new tenancy (and requirement to re-protect the deposit and re-serve the prescribed information) arising when a fixed term ends and a statutory period tenancy begins.

The text of the amendment – a new S.215A to S.215D to the Housing Act 2004 – is at page 10012 onwards in that link and below.

Briefly, the effects appear to be:

  • Where a deposit taken on a fixed term tenancy after April 2007, and protected and Prescribed Info served, this is treated as if
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On the naughty step: The unacceptable face of London landlords

Some of you, those in London at least, might have noticed Boris Johnson announce a new, and completely voluntary, no compulsion here, landlord accreditation scheme. The idea being that tenants, desperate to find somewhere in the middle of the worst accommodation shortage in London for many, many years, will choose to avoid a ‘non-Boris’ landlord. This is of dubious worth, but no matter, what concerns us here is what followed that announcement. Bear with me, because it is worth it in the end.

At the next London Assembly Questions to Boris session, Andrew Dismore, Labour Assembly member for Barnet and Camden (oh yes, Barnet), wanted to ask Boris … Read the full post

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The UKIP-ification of law

Or, why Nigel Farrage doesn’t need to worry about that house-load of Romanians moving next door to him once the Immigration Act 2014 comes into force.

The Immigration Act 2014 received Royal Assent on May 14, 2014 and, as is obviously the case for an immigration act, it contains significant new developments in housing law in Pt.3, Ch.1 (“Access to Services Etc / Residental Tenancies”). The developments are odious and badly thought out, as I’ll try and explain.

Disqualified potential occupiers

Section 21 introduces the concept of the person who is, by virtue of his immigration status, “disqualified” from “occupying premises under a residential tenancy.” A “residential tenancy” is any … Read the full post

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Approximate grounds

Masih, R (on the application of) v Yousaf [2014] EWCA Civ 234

When a notice is served under Section 8 Housing Act 1988, how precise does the wording of the ground(s) under which possession will be sought have to be?

In this case, reaching the Court of Appeal via a slightly convoluted route as an appeal  of an order refusing permission to appeal out of time, the issue was the wording used in the s.8 notice setting out Ground 8.

Ms M was the assured shorthold tenant of Mr Y. There were rent arrears, a shortfall between the LHA payable and the rent. Mr Y served a notice under s.8 … Read the full post

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Tweets from rented rooms

A series of tweets gathered under the hashtag #LDNlandlord today (Thursday 15 May) offered an insight (if one were needed) into the state of the London private rental market. For the housing lawyer, it was also a opportunity to play claim/offence bingo.

So, under disrepair…

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