Not going quietly…

Or round 3 of Ms Pritchard’s refusal to give up her former property to the ‘We buy your right to buy home’ firm that had obtained possession. Fineland Investments Limited v Pritchard (2011) Ch D 17/05/2011 [Note on Lawtel, unreported elsewhere] Readers may recall the possession judgment, and the multi stranded (and multi partied) appeal […]

Ain’t nobody here but…

Windsor and District Housing Association v Hewitt (2011) CA (Civ Div) 19/05/2011 [On Lawtel and in a note from Tanfield Chambers.] Not chicken related, thankfully. This was the Court of Appeal hearing of Windsor & District’s appeal from the refusal of the first instance Judge to grant a possession order under ground 17 Schedule 2 […]

Cleaning Up

You may recall, almost two years ago now, we reported on the case of Defence Estates v L [2009] EWHC 1049 (Admin), under the title “Something of a mess”. The title was a reference to a comment of Collins J during the course of discussions after his judgment that three House of Lords’ decisions (Qazi, […]

You win some, you lose some

Oxford City Council v Bull [2011] EWCA Civ 609 In which the Court of Appeal had to consider whether the homeless applicant had made himself intentionally homeless and whether he was in priority need. Mr Bull separated from his wife in June 2009 and left the home, where she was a secure tenant of the […]

Human Rights at Home

The EHRC has released guidance for social housing providers on the relevance of human rights to social housing provision and managment and on how to comply. The guidance can be downloaded here [link to pdf]

Assuredly not an AST

Jasbir Kaur Kahlon v Andrew Isherwood [2011] EWCA Civ 602 (on Lawtel but not on BAILII yet) UPDATE: Transcript now available on BAILII Schedule 2A of the Housing Act 1988 was inserted by the Housing Act 1996 and supports s19A which was inserted by the same Act. S19A basically acts to make the AST the […]

Getting Plastered

Grand v Gill [2011] EWCA Civ 554 At the risk of being mocked, or shunned, I must confess myself to be throughly excited. A Court of Appeal disrepair case! And on one of the great unknowns of disrepair liability to boot! Obviously, my wedding day 8 years ago counts as being more exciting, but that […]

Eviscerated? Now also Drawn and Quartered

Gladehurst Properties Ltd v Hashemi [2011] EWCA Civ 604 (Not on BAILII at time of writing) UPDATE: Transcript now available on BAILII In Tiensia LJ Sedley said that the decision of the majority ‘eviscerated’ the tenancy deposit protection legislation. The Court of Appeal has now returned to complete the job with a hanging by the […]

Back to the future

Heartpride Ltd v Sawhney (2011) Ch D 12/5/2011 [Note on Lawtel, not elsewhere] A case on notices of rent increase for a Rent Act tenancy given under Rent Act 1977 s.45(3). H, the landlord, had served a notice of rent increase on S, the tenant, on 27 March 2001. The Notice had been registered on […]

Judicial review costs redux

We’ve seen reports of a case called R (Ambrose) v City of Westminster (Admin Court 13 May 2011. Not on Bailii or reported elsewhere so far). It was a judicial review of a refusal to provide interim accommodation pending review. Westminster had apparently decided that because they had arranged housing in Hackney, it was for […]